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May January 1, 2022, be the start of success, joy,  and happiness in your life!

As we bid farewell to another challenging year, we write to convey our sincere appreciation for your support of the Michigan American Council on Education (MI-ACE) Women’s Network. As stated so beautifully by State Chair, Dr. Linda Logan, “It is our Network's mission to offer the professional development, networking, partnering, and engagement opportunities that provide an ever-increasing pool of talent to our Michigan campuses. We provide substantial links with other professional fields, peer-to-peer mentoring, and a long list of programs that help our members achieve career success and our campuses to thrive.”

On behalf of the MI-ACE Professional Development Committee, thank you for learning and growing with us throughout the past year. Following is a recap of our Mentoring Mondays journey in 2021:

December 2021

“Life-Changing Decisions, Life-Changing Actions”

“Pushing Past the One-Yard Line and Breaking through to Peak Performance”

“Powering Growth through Momentum”

November 2021

“Choosing Success – Every Day”

“Expanding Your Possibilities for Growth – Seven Minutes at a Time”

“Discovering Your Purpose and Passion”

“The Seven Minute Difference”

“Self-Care Strategies for Faculty”

October 2021

“Creating a Success Culture – Revised Version”

“What Is Your Leadership Battle Cry?”

Investing In and Supporting Women’s Leadership in Higher Education

“Your Leadership Mission Should Fit on a T-Shirt”

~ Summer Recess ~

June 2021

6/28 “Your Personal Brand”

May 2021

Salute to MI-ACE members transitioning to the role of college president

Celebrating the accomplishments of women leaders within our member institutions

Thanks & Recognition: MI-ACE Executive Board “Advancing Women Engagement Plan”

Salute to IRs: The Role of a MI-ACE Institutional Representative

April 2021

“‘Little Miracles’ Happen When We Affect Others”

“Creating a Success Culture”

“The One Question you Need to Ask Yourself before You Say Anything”

March 2021

The History of Women’s Suffrage in Michigan

Celebrating Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame Inductees

Salute to women leading higher education institutions in the state of Michigan

International Women’s Day

“23 Powerful Tips to Help Women Leaders Succeed”

February 2021

Salute to Alexa Irene Canady, M.D.

Salute to “Fly Girl” Vernice Armour

Salute to Sojourner Truth

January 2021

Salute to Amanda S. C. Gorman, the first National Youth Poet Laureate

Salute to the women nominated for U.S. Presidential Cabinet Secretary positions

“Women Who Speak for Biden”

Salute to Kamala D. Harris, the first female Vice President


Carnation: The flower of January

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