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Does your career goal include becoming a college or university president? Do you ever wonder what drives the women who lead our college and universities? Do you think their core values and principles are higher; and their view of this imperfect world is one where anything is possible and all doors are open? Do they envision a better world, a better life, or a better future simply because they believe that it is possible? Sometimes we just need to ask the questions and then take a stand.

I believe that the fearless women leaders of our colleges and universities deserve our thanks for what they do to enhance the lives of so many. As a collective of women following the leadership of women, we believe they deserve our recognition and blessings from time to time. During the month of March – considered women’s history month – the MI-ACE Women’s Network would like to say thank you to the women who lead our institutions with the following blessing.

Leaders Blessing

  Blessed are they who believe in the institutions they serve, for their work will have dedication;

  Blessed are they who guide and mentor rather than dictate, for they shall have cooperation;

  Blessed are they who respect the opinions of others, for they shall be admired;

  Blessed are they who search out the facts and ignore the gossip, for they shall be respected;

  Blessed are they who seek to be humble, for they have a due share of recognition without looking for it;

  Blessed are they who can take orders as well as give them, for therein lies true leadership;

  Blessed are they who in spite of criticism, have the strength of purpose to continue and the stamina to carry on, for they shall be real leaders;

  Blessed are they who have faith in all their fellowmen, for they themselves are justified.

~ Author Unknown


We salute you, our women presidents!

Dr. Andrea Luxton, Andrews University

Dr. Kelly Smith, Baker College of Cadillac

Dr. Laura Coleman, Bay de Noc Community College

Dr. Jean Goodnow, Delta College

Dr. Philomena V. Mantella, Grand Valley State University

Dr. Adrien Bennings, Kellogg Community College

Dr. Stacy Young, Montcalm Community College

Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, Mott Community College

Dr. Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, Oakland University

Dr. Deborah Snyder, St. Clair County Community College

Dr. Rose Bellanca, Washtenaw Community College


Believe that together, we are better!

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