MIA Conference 2013

MIA Conference Flyer for Ocotber 11 2013

We had a great conference. Please stay tuned for future events and programs.

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The GVSU organization Men in Action (MIA) and the GVSU Women's Center will host the Men In Action conference. This exciting event will take place on Friday October 11th. The purpose of the MIA Conference is to provide men with awareness and knowledge to aid in skill development to spark action aimed at creating cultures free from violence, especially men's violence against women.

Dr. Michael Kimmel

Mr. Byron Hurt

Dr. Kimmel

Mr. Hurt

Byron Hurt,

"Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes" intro.

Byron Hurt Website

Dr. Michael Kimmel,

On Gender

PBS interview


Mark your calendars for October 11th

If you have any questions about the conference please feel free to contact Santiago Gayton at [email protected] or Theresa Rowland at [email protected]

Registration is free to all GVSU Students, Faculty and Staff and there will be a $25 fee to all outside attendees. Please go here to register for the conference.

Learning objectives: After participating in this training, students will:

  1. Grow in their awareness that their attitudes and beliefs are shaped through male socialization (knowledge and Examination of Structures & systems that impact diverse populations)
  2. Ask questions about male social experiences and seek out answers to these questions (Intellectual and Practical Skills)
  3. Identify personal changes in their awareness and understanding of male socialization/violence against women (Location of self)

This conference is co-sponsored by:

GVSU History Department and

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