Middle East Film Festival

Annual Middle East Film Festival October 8, 2013 Cook DeWitt Center - Film begins at 7:00 PM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Where do we go now?"

By Lebanese director Nadine Labaki

A group of Lebanese women try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village.


Salaam has delighted audiences for years with its expansive repertoire of Middle Eastern and North African music. Salaam is true to the traditions, informing the uninitiated, and evoking nostalgia in listeners who are familiar with the art form. What sets Salaam apart is the versatility of its musicians, whose deep knowledge of Eastern and Western styles gives them the flexibility to move effortlessly between genres. The sound, while rooted in maqam (the modal system used throughout the Middle East), infuses tasteful forays into jazz, rock, blues, classical and avant garde. Salaam, whose name means "peace" in Arabic, is a musical ambassador for peaceful coexistence.

Sponsored by: Middle East Studies, Arab Culture Club, Frederik Meijer Honors College, Padnos International Center, Modern Languages and Literatures

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