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Midpoint Check-In*

Midpoint Check-In*

Date and Time

Friday, January 26, 2018 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


This event is free to attend.
The RSVP deadline has passed for this event.


SCB 1008-Forum


*Midpoint Check-In is an open slot of time for the student to come and connect with their peers, discuss the progress of the program, and have one-on-one check ins with Yalonda Ross-Davis (program coordinator) or Angela Zondervan (finance questions). Highly encouraged for the students participants and optional for mentors.


This is an open slot of time for the students to come and connect with other students who are in the program. It is designed to be free flowing of traffic and conversation with the only thing set in stone is the hours we will be there. Come and join your peers for conversations about the program, what they are experiencing and new insights they are gaining. Also take advantage of free access to the program coordinator -Yalonda M. Ross-Davis where you can discuss anything from the success, challenges and areas of improvement you have within the program!


There will be dinner served -you just might see a mentor or two socializing also!


For more information please visit:

Please rsvp through the application or email Yalonda Ross-Davis at or Angela Zondervan (finance students)
by 1/19/2018.



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