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This site is probably one of the best that we have seen. It has everything from writing a Curriculum Vitae to information on doing research for Ph.D. admissions to improving academia for women to financial aid. Lots of tips on getting in, managing stress and workloads while there, and what to do once you’re heading out. A very, very useful and wide-ranging site.

This site is the most comprehensive list of graduate programs we've ever come across. It lists schools by region, by subject, by sub-subject, etc. It also has lots of information on studying abroad, including a manual.

This is a government site that lists all federal grants. Because it’s so wide-ranging, you really have to look through them to find ones particular to your field, but it’s worth the time.

National Science Foundation

This site has information on all the opportunities available through the NSF, from the physical to the social sciences, arts, and humanities.

So Long, And Thanks for the Ph.D.!

A comical, straight-forward, and useful guide from a Computer Science Ph.D. graduate to anyone pursuing a doctorate. It’s a lot of the stuff you suspect but are never told about the realities of graduate life.

Grad School Articles & Advice

Though most students heading to grad school have probably skimmed this site, this particular list of articles is a mine of resources that fall into the category of “what you suspect but no one ever tells you.” There is lots of info on stress management, how to survive a Ph.D., deciding if you’ve got what it takes, and weighing financial and personal considerations. Worth reading.

Minority Scientists Network: “Educated Woman: The Grad School Adventures of Micella Phoenix DeWhyse”

A series of 70+ articles published by that follow Micella, a black female materials science and engineering Ph.D. student and her postdoc life. Though her approach is humorous, one gets a feel for the frustrations, joys, and “insanities” of being a graduate student. Very, very well worth the reading time.

McNair Scholars Rock: First-Generation Resources

This page provides resources for both first-generation students and people who work with first-generation students.

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