On-Campus Resources

Calendar of Events

You'll want to check out the GVSU calendar often to see what's happening and when, in terms of special lectures, events, job fairs, graduate school fairs, etc. Unless you're signed up for the weekly notification e-mails, you'll have to look here for dates and times for the Arts Celebration, scholarship deadlines, recreation activities, lectures, and more.

Counseling and Career Development Center

The Counseling and Career Development Center serves many functions. If you have questions about career development, any of the many grad school tests and so on, or wish a personal assessment (like a personality test, skills test, etc.), this is the place to go. They can also assist you with personal issues such as homesickness, shyness, depression, and more. Check out their FAQ for some information about the full range of their services.

GVSU University Libraries

It doesn't matter what your major in grad school is: the skills to navigate the stacks are universal requirements. A recent reorganization makes it easier to dig through the hundreds of databases, looking for articles, government resources, RefWorks, library resources, and even the New York Times as far back 1851. Be sure to get acquainted with services like interlibrary loan. There are eight different library locations, so be sure to find whichever one is most convenient.

International Education: Study Abroad

There are many reasons to study abroad, including setting yourself apart from other grad school applicants, beginning to learn a foreign language (a requirement for several Ph.D. programs), learning to step outside of your cultural comfort zone and see things from another perspective, and to enjoy new relationships from people in parts of the world you might never have otherwise considered.




Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors

Another invaluable, often overlooked resource is the Writing Center. Not only can you get a grammatical check, but a second (and third and fourth, if you'd like) set of eyes to check over your logic, citation, organization, and more. Not only do our Writing Centers have undergraduate tutors, but they also have graduate tutors if you hope to get the kind of evaluation you might expect during grad school. There are four locations across three campuses; find the one nearest you.

Student Summer Scholars

If you're interested in research but not participating in McNair, or have a summer before conducting McNair research, Student Summer Scholars (S3) is the program for you. It funds a student and his/her faculty mentor to conduct research during the 12-week spring/summer semester. The deadline for your research proposal is in January, so you need to get a serious and thorough proposal together before winter break. We encourage qualified students to apply.

Page last modified September 12, 2016