Here are some maps and directions that may be helpful to you before and during Math in Action.

Find directions to GVSU from all areas of Michigan and nearby states.

A general overview of GVSU's Allendale campus. Math in Action will be held in Mackinac Hall (Building 45). Parking is in Lot D (just north of Mackinac Hall).

A zoom-in of the campus map showing the areas where Math in Action events will occur:

  • Parking is in Lot C, just across North Campus Drive from Mackinac Hall.
  • All regular sessions occur in Mackinac Hall (Building 45), D-Wing.
  • Keynotes will be held in Manitou Hall (Building 47). Look for signs and directions in Mackinac Hall -- Manitou is directly connected to Mackinac.
  • Lunch is held in the Fresh Food Court on the upper level of the Commons Building.

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A map of Mackinac Hall D-wing, where all regular sessions will occur. The main entrance is at the tall yellow sculpture in the circular area just outside the building.
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