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Nate Burch

Nate Burch

Nathanial Burch is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Nate teaches three courses each semester and remains active in research and other scholarly activities. After graduating from Grand Valley in 2006 with a mathematics major and statistics minor, Nate completed an MSc in mathematics (2008), an MSc in statistics (2009), and a PhD in mathematics (2011) from Colorado State University. The skill that Nate developed as an undergraduate at GVSU that has been most valuable to him was the ability to investigate and then formulate (in mathematical terms) a broad range of problems from different applications.  The subsequent ability to solve such a problem from various viewpoints and communicate the findings to interested non-mathematicians was a skill that Nate honed during graduate school.

The courses that Nate took at GVSU that he found to be particularly valuable in graduate school and in shaping his research interests include MTH 405 (Numerical Analysis), MTH 408 (Advanced Calculus I), MTH 227 and MTH 327 (Linear Algebra I and II), and STA 312 (Probability and Statistics).

Nate suggests that a mathematics major should consider participating in undergraduate workshops and conferences (which often offer free travel and are great, formative experiences) and/or summer internships. Additionally, he encourages mathematics majors to gain a broad perspective of mathematics by taking as many math and related science classes as they can, reaching out to former GVSU alumni that hold jobs/careers they are currently interested in, and embracing the (many) applications of mathematics early and often.

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