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Firas Hindeleh

Firas Hindeleh

Contact information: [email protected]

Current projects: Classification of theSeven Dimensional Lie Algebras: A Lie algebra is nothing but a vector space with an additional feature. This extra feature is a binary operation on the elements of this space on top of the vector space addition. This operation is called the Lie bracket after the Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie (pronounced Lee). My focus is the low dimensional Lie algebras and in particular the seven dimensional ones. The Low dimensional solvable Lie Algebra classification started back in 1963 by Mubarakzyanov, and were completely classified up to dimension six. Some work was done on the seven-dimensional algebras. I am hoping finish the classification of the seven dimensional algebras with five-dimensional nilradical. To do this we divided this project into classes of nilraicals that we can build on.. Looking for hard working students to join the team, regardless of the math background.

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