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Samantha Packer

Samantha Packer

Samantha Packer graduated from GVSU in 2010 with a BS in mathematics (elementary teaching emphasis). She is currently teaching math and science in grades 7-12. at Kiana School in the Northwest Arctic Borough School District in Kiana, Alaska. In addition to her teaching duties, Samantha is a senior class advisor, activities coordinator, and yearbook advisor.

Samantha appreciates the way her mathematics major sharpened her ability to think logically.  “I truly believe that my math major has taught me better classroom management skills because I can pay so much attention to detail and I have really become good at problem solving.”  She also appreciates how mathematics helped her quantitative skills.  She says that her mathematics background “helps with all of the data-driven instruction that takes place up here in Alaska.  We are constantly looking at graphs, tables, numbers, percentages, etc. and being asked to analyze them and plan our teaching accordingly.”

The mathematics course Samantha looks back on most appreciatively is MTH 210 (Communicating in Mathematics).  She feels the course “teaches so many problem solving skills that become extremely valuable when teaching.”

Samantha urges all students studying mathematics to learn all they can.  “And for Heaven's sake learn to write a proper math proof!  They are important in life!”

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