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Becky Steele

Becky Steele

Becky Steele graduated from GVSU in 2006 with a BS in mathematics (elementary teaching emphasis). She is currently teaching sixth grade at Bursley Elementary in the Jenison Public Schools. In addition to mathematics, she also teaches vocabulary and social studies.

Becky values the communication skills she developed in the mathematics courses she took at GVSU.  “My math courses at GVSU taught me how to communicate ideas…clearly.”  She appreciates how these courses helped her not only with constructing mathematical arguments, “but also written explanations of my own thinking.”

Becky feels that the mathematics content courses for elementary teachers (especially Math 322, 323, and 324) have been helpful in her teaching.  These courses “taught me to think deeply about activity, lesson, and unit design (especially aligning to state/national curriculum standards) and to analyze incorrect answers to uncover misconceptions.  Being immersed in activities where I was required to think both like a student and like a teacher were especially engaging and beneficial.”

Becky suggests that students considering a mathematics major “take Math 210 as soon as possible.  I believe that course is a great gauge for how you'll feel about the rest of the degree program.  A fondness for the structure of mathematics and for the challenge of proof-writing are essential skills for the rest of the course work.”

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