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Rachell Nagorsen

Rachell Nagorsen

Rachell Nagorsen graduated from GVSU in 2013 with a major in mathematics and minors in both philosophy and geology. She is now employed by the City of Walker, MI as the Engineering Programs Coordinator. In her position, Rachell ensures that construction projects do not adversely impact storm water drainage. She reviews construction proposals and makes sure they have adequate storm water management plans before issuing permits. When a construction project is underway, Rachell performs monthly inspections and works with site superintendents to address problems that arise, such as flooding and/or sediment discharges into surrounding areas. Rachell also works with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on issues pertaining to Walker storm water permits, be they renewals, audits, illicit discharge reports, or public education measures.

In her position, Rachell interacts with contractors on a regular basis. Doing so requires the abilities to understand very technical language and to visualize complex systems. With regard to particular coursework, she emphasizes the important role played by MTH 210 (Communicating in Mathematics). “I will say that proof writing gave me very strong communication skills--the ability to provide and communicate reasons for any problems noted in the field.”

Rachell strongly encourages students majoring in math to also pursue an additional major and/or minor. “Pair math with another topic! A math degree is invaluable to almost all scientific fields, so having experience in a subject paired with a math degree will really turn heads when you're submitting resumes to potential careers.”

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