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Megan Shaff Simon

Megan Shaff Simon

Megan Schaff Simon graduated from GVSU in 2005 with a Major in mathematics and a minor in Accounting. Currently she is employed as an Assistant Actuary at Auto Owners Insurance Company in Lansing, MI. In her position, Megan analyzes losses and premiums for commercial auto insurance in order to determine what rate changes are necessary so as to cover expected losses. Such rate changes need to be reasonable and non-discriminate and must adhere to insurance statutes in the various states served by Auto Owners.

Megan does not attribute her success to any particular courses. Instead, she credits her mathematics major and an overall breadth of coursework with developing her problem solving and critical thinking skills. Megan also indicates that the mathematics major made her more attentive to detail and better able to question whether results of her analyses made sense. She feels confident presenting complex ideas to her peers and working productively with others in collaborative settings.

When asked what advice she has for students considering a mathematics major, Megan states, “There is a lot of satisfaction in accomplishing a degree in mathematics….A math background is sought after by many employers…. It is more than just a teaching field.” To current majors she recommends that they seek out instructors when struggling with courses and that they remain open-minded about employment opportunities after college. “The time invested in this degree with pay off with numerous career possibilities if you’re willing to sell yourself.”

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