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Kyle Hanis

Kyle Hanis

Kyle Hanis is a Senior Design Engineer - Software at Stryker Instruments in Kalamazoo, MI. Kyle designs, develops, and tests embedded software for medical instruments. According to Kyle, the most important and valuable skill he developed during his career at Grand Valley is the ability to effectively communicate technical information.

Kyle completed his undergraduate program at Grand Valley in 2012 with majors in mathematics and computer engineering. Kyle was initially uncertain about a career path, so he discussed options with his academic adviser. As a result of those conversations Kyle decided to pursue the computer engineering major to complement his mathematics major.

Kyle cites the skills he developed in MTH 310 (Modern Algebra I) and 410 (Modern Algebra II) as especially helpful in his career and in his engineering courses. For any student contemplating a major in mathematics, Kyle suggests that it is important to know that mathematics is more than just calculus and linear algebra. An especially valuable piece of advice Kyle has is to take your learning seriously.

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