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Zakary Kubicek

Zakary Kubicek

Zakary Kubicek is an Operations Research Software Developer at LeanLogistics in Holland, MI. LeanLogistics is a technology company that provides solutions for managing transportation. Zak is the lead software developer in their Operations Research group, and his responsibilities include designing, implementing, and testing optimization projects.

In his job Zak works with complex algorithms, and the problem solving skills he developed as a mathematics major are critical at trying to determine the best solution for problems that typically have many solutions. The higher level math courses Zak took at GVSU helped him develop the ability to read and interpret published papers. This skill is especially valuable when researching topics such as column generation, route scheduling, the vehicle routing problem with time windows, and the traveling salesman problem.

Specific mathematics courses Zak cites as particularly helpful to him are MTH 360 (Operations Research) and MTH 380 (Independent Study in Nonlinear Programming) for the construction of math models used by their optimization programs. Other classes that benefited him were MTH 225 and MTH 326 (Discrete Structures I and II), MTH 310 and MTH 410 (Modern Algebra I and II), and the capstone course MTH 495 (The Nature of Modern Mathematics).

Zak graduated from GVSU in 2009 with a dual math and computer science major, and also completed an MS in Computer Information Systems at Grand Valley State University in 2014. Zak notes that there are more job possibilities than one might think when getting a degree in mathematics, and he suggests that a mathematics major should take a variety of classes to find out more about different areas of mathematics.

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