About Seidman Marketing Department

What is Marketing?

The essence of marketing is to understand what consumers value and to develop ways to meet their needs. Organizations in the 21st century need a thorough understanding of their customers in order to succeed in an era of increasing competition. Nearly half of our economy is involved in the marketing process. Therefore, marketing careers are more readily available than jobs in many other fields. A career in marketing will provide you with opportunities to make a difference in various aspects of business:

  • Research: Marketing research is vital to a firm’s success. Every business needs individuals who can gather and analyze information for future decision-making.
  • Strategy: Marketing insight is critical for a firm’s strategic planning. All firm activities should be guided by the firm’s strategic plan and the department’s strategic plan. Understanding how these plans are constructed is needed for extended success.
  • Products and Services: Marketing involves identifying, designing, and branding products and services designed to suit a customer’s needs.
  • Place: With a marketing career, you may be involved in determining and designing where business transactions take place, whether physical or virtual. You will also be tasked with determining how to get your products to the consumer.
  • Pricing: You’ll play an important role in determining the prices of products and services, while helping your business to stay competitive.
  • Promotion: A marketing career gives you the opportunity to develop and implement promotional strategies, such as developing brands, working with advertisements and many other creative outlets.
  • Sales: A well rounded marketing major will have an understanding of personal selling, sales management, and procurement.
  • Logistics: A career in marketing can also allow you to influence how distribution channels for goods and services are selected and designed from providers to customers.

If you want a career that allows you to nurture and express your creative, interpersonal, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, marketing may be for you.


Basic Required Skills

In general, marketing professionals are required to exhibit the following skills:

  • Initiative: The ability to assess, take charge, initiate tasks independently.
  • Leadership/Management: Leading and motivating individuals across departments to achieve set goals.
  • Analytical/Strategic Thinking: Marketing skills help you to understand data, interpret it, and effectively apply the information to drive business growth.
  • Teamwork: Allow you to work effectively with various teams.
  • Creativity/Innovation: Marketing helps develop skills to generate unique ideas for solving problems.
  • Communication/Interpersonal Skills: Helps support, defend, or relay information in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner.
  • Presentation Skills: Effectively present ideas formally and informally to clientele and co-workers.
  • Organizational/Time management: Properly prioritize projects, and balance multiple projects and issues at once.