Muskegon Lake river-barge proposal gains traction

Date: December 6, 2013

Four key promoters of a river-barge proposal for the Port of Muskegon

Four key promoters of a river-barge proposal for the Port of Muskegon are from left Phil Andrie of Andrie Inc., Glenn Dawson of Dawson Marine Services & Consulting, Jim Byrum of the Michigan Agri-Business Association and Ed Hogan of Port City Marine.

By Dave Alexander |
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MUSKEGON, MI – The room was filled at the Grand Valley State University alternative energy center Friday morning, Dec. 6, as more than 70 people came to hear the Michigan Agri-Business Association’s idea of a river-barge operation in Muskegon.

The river barge concept for the Port of Muskegon was outlined by Lansing-based association president Jim Byrum as the effort turns to getting the U.S. Coast Guard to make a regulatory decision to allow the barges to travel from the Chicago area up as far north on Lake Michigan as Muskegon.

Participating in the meeting at the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center on Muskegon Lake were agricultural and manufacturing interests from around Michigan, along with interested maritime parties from across the Lake Michigan basin.

Most importantly, the port operators in Muskegon were in force and looking to put their collective efforts together to make Muskegon a key port for river barge traffic that could link West Michigan to the Mississippi River system all the way south to the Gulf of Mexico.

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