Goals and Objectives

Michigan residents identify themselves as stewards of the Great Lakes. The project staff will approach and engage the public in a discussion of the benefits and challenges of offshore wind energy development with respect to Great Lakes stewardship. The project team will use a solutions-based approach that begins with topics of widespread agreement on both Great Lakes stewardship and offshore wind energy.

The goal of the project will be to expand the consensus on Great Lakes protection to include electricity generation (see Figure).

The outreach and education plan will focus on how offshore wind energy might be able to 1) enhance the quality of the Great Lakes; and 2) enhance the quality of life of coastal communities.

Audience-oriented Objectives:

As a result of the project, the target audience will...

Examples of Interrelationships Between Water and Energy
Water's role in energy production
Source: The Water-Energy Nexus  
  • Better understand the criteria and mapping process used by the Michigan Great Lakes Offshore Wind (GLOW) Council to identify the most suitable areas for offshore wind energy development in Michigan’s Great Lakes waters.
  • Better understand benefits and challenges of offshore wind energy development in the Great Lakes.
  • Better understand the process of permitting and leasing of offshore wind facilities in Michigan’s Great Lakes.
  • Voice their support and concerns about offshore wind energy development in Michigan’s Great Lakes.

The project team will accomplish these audience-oriented objectives by engaging the public at festivals around the state of Michigan.  The project booth will feature a large banner imprinted with a simulated, accurately-scaled offshore wind farm on the horizon.  A touch-screen monitor will be set up with the GLOW Council’s mapping criteria internet map server page.  Visitors will be able to use the touch screen to turn on and off criteria map layers, such as shipping lanes and water depth.  Our staff will also be available to answer questions, distribute fact sheets, and address concerns.


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