Mentorship Program

The Department of Management's Professional Mentorship Program partners local professionals one-to-one with management students for career preparation assistance. Mentors and their students will meet throughout the academic year to discuss everything from study habits to career choices.


Mentors will share with the students their career journey and path from graduation to current date; imparting their successes and learning experiences. They will disclose the importance of a professional attitude, effective time management and the importance of a strong work ethic. These mentors will serve as advisors, and sources of industry information; helping students to identify potential career paths, establish contacts within the business community and assistance the students in getting a first-hand look by showing them their work environment.

Mentor Information



Students will: have an opportunity to partner with a local community industry insider who will aid in deepening your industry knowledge and exposure, influence and enhance your career strategy and provide insight to the work world after you graduate. You will be in position to refine your resume, increase your industry exposure and contacts, and sharpen communication skills and professional effectiveness. Will you be proactive and take the step to be ahead of future competition?

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