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John Bennitt Diaries

John Bennitt Correspondence and Diaries

John Bennitt (1830-1892). Correspondence and diaries of Michigan Civil War surgeon, 1863-1865. An account of Bennitt's time spent serving in the 19th Michigan Infantry through its duty in Kentucky and Tennessee and its participation in the Atlanta and Carolinas campaigns. These diaries are part of a collection of correspondence published as I Hope to Do My Country Service.

John Bennitt Digital Collection

Theodore Peticolas Diary

Theodore Peticolas Diary

Theodore Peticolas (1800-?). Diary of Ohio fruit farmer, 1863. An account of the day-to-day routine of an Ohio fruit farmer, and father of Civil War soldier.

Theodore Peticolas Digital Collection

Civil War and slavery documents

Civil War and Slavery Documents

All areas of the Civil War are represented in general correspondence, official documents, and photographs of soldiers and civilians during the Civil War era. Also included are a selection from 10 states related to the ownership of slaves and abolition, 1805-1864.

Civil War and Slavery Documents Digital Collection

Whitley Read Diary

Whitley Read Diary

Whitley Read (1839-1914). Diary of a soldier in 10th New York Heavy Artillery, Company H., 1865. Entries include his post-war service on a Great Lakes Schooner and as a Michigan logger.

Whitely Read Digital Collection

Nathan Sargent Correspondence

Nathan Sargent Correspondence

Nathan Sargent (1794-1875). Correspondence of a Whig political appointee, 1832-1874. Among the correspondents are Henry Clay, John M. Clayton, Caleb Cushing, Edward Everett, Henry Hitchcock.

Nathan Sargent Digital Collection