Off the Shelf. Sharing the impact of Grand Valley State University Libraries

Off the Shelf shares the impact of University Libraries on faculty, staff, and students at Grand Valley by highlighting resources, services, and the work of our faculty and staff members. If you have any questions about resources or services discussed in Off the Shelf, please contact University Libraries to learn how you can use them to benefit your work.

Off the Shelf began in 2016, with the first issue released in print in the Fall semester. The publication continued in print for two years. Since then, the publication's format has shifted, but our dedication to sharing University Libraries' impact remains unchanged. The back issues remain available online on our ScholarWorks page.  

We are excited to share the new web format as the latest iteration of Off the Shelf. Content will be shared more frequently during the academic year and curated for a broader audience, allowing us to truly reflect the dynamic and fast-paced environment of Grand Valley State University Libraries. 


Off the Shelf Team 2019/2020

Leigh Rupinski

Production Manager:
Jacklyn Rander

Administrative Liaison:
Linda Anderson

Jon Jeffryes
Kiersten Quilliams
Chelsea Renaud

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