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Faculty/Staff Directory


Name Title Office Phone  
Maddox, Deb Library Specialist, Service Point, Mary Idema Pew Library 616-331-2638 View Profile
Martin, Elizabeth (Beth) Head of Professional Programs, Steelcase Library; Interim Head of Liberal Arts, Mary Idema Pew Library 616-331-7344 View Profile
Maycroft, Theresa Library Specialist, Operations & Stacks Management 616-331-2902 View Profile
McClure, Hazel Liaison Librarian, Liberal Arts Programs 616-331-3077 View Profile
Measell, Elizabeth Adjunct Librarian 616-331-2633 View Profile
Merry, Brian Head of Operations and User Services 616-331-2624 View Profile
Meyer, Kristin User Experience Librarian, Mary Idema Pew Library 616-331-3294 View Profile
Millspaugh, Erica Liaison Librarian in Professional Programs, Steelcase Library 616-331-7338 View Profile
Minnis, Samantha Library Evening Operations & User Services Manager 616-331-2751 View Profile
Miranda, Todd Library Specialist - Course Support, Mary Idema Pew Library 616-331-2617 View Profile
Morgan, Mary Library Technology Manager 616-331-3293 View Profile
Morrow, Debbie Liaison Librarian in Liberal Arts Programs 616-331-2618 View Profile
Oster, Donna Library Specialist, Coordinator Curriculum Materials Library, Steelcase Library 616-331-7084 View Profile
Pabich, Veronica Library Specialist, Pew Campus Operations & Service Point 616-331-7193 View Profile
Page, Diana Library Specialist, Metadata & Digital Curation 616-331-2616 View Profile
Ponischil, Susan Library Specialist - Cataloging 616-331-2632 View Profile
Psyck, Elizabeth Interim Collection Lifecycle Manager; Liaison Librarian in Liberal Arts Programs and Government Documents 616-331-8674 View Profile
Quilliams, Kiersten Library Specialist, Operations & Service Point, Steelcase Library 616-331-7341 View Profile
Rander, Jacklyn Library Publishing Services Manager 616-331-2623 View Profile
Ranger, Kim Liaison Librarian in Liberal Arts Programs 616-331-2633 View Profile
Reidsma, Matthew Web Services Librarian 616-331-3577 View Profile
Renaud, Chelsea Library Specialist, Pew Campus Operations and Service Point 616-331-5927 View Profile
Rollins, Cassandra Van Andel Research Institute Library Manager View Profile
Roper, Darlene Library Specialist, Periodicals 616-331-2658 View Profile
Rosener, Ashley Liaison Librarian in Professional Programs, Steelcase Library 616-331-5937 View Profile
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