University Libraries

Library Workshop Series for Students

The library regularly offers hands-on, interactive student workshops focused on both your academic and real world information needs. The workshop topics and schedule is updated each fall and winter term.

On Demand Workshops

Let us bring the workshop to you!  To discuss a workshop idea, learn more about a topic, or schedule a session, contact Emily Frigo (, 331-7343).  

Bias in Search Engines

Are online tools like search engines or library databases always neutral?  Online bias can be overt or subtle.  Learn and share strategies for critically evaluating the information sources you find as well the tools you use to find them.

Getting Ready for Graduation: Career and Salary Information

Thinking about your future career? Want to know if it’s the right fit for you? Learn how to access salary data, career outlooks, cost of living data, and more from reliable websites and library resources.

Fake News: Whats Real?

Given the speed of social media and ease of sharing, it is very easy to live in news bubbles which reflect what we already know.  When news reports are at odds with what we believed to be true, what do we do next?  Learn and share strategies of how to evaluate news information.

Finding a Topic

Finding a good topic can sometimes be the hardest part of writing a paper.  Discover some practical strategies for brainstorming, developing, and narrowing a topic.

Getting it Right: Paraphrasing and Citing

Is it ever okay to use someone else’s words? When do you need a citation?  What’s paraphrasing, anyway?  Learn about citations, plagiarism (including accidental plagiarism!), and describing a source in your own words.

Google Like a Librarian

You are already using it. Why not get the most out of Google?  Learn advanced tips and tricks for getting the most precise results from your Google searches.

Life Hacks: Time Management for Research

Looking for ways to save time researching? Learn strategies to manage both your time and the research you find.  We will also cover where to go and who to talk to when you have questions.   

Memories On-the-Go: Preserving Your Personal Digital Photos

Engage in a discussion about your digital photo collections and get tips from our University archivists and curators on better caring for your collections using tools you are familiar with, including mobile devices, social media accounts, and media libraries.