Learn the Terms

Some of the most commonly terms used by professors and librarians in research assignments and library instruction are the least understood by students. To fully make use of library resources and become a better student, learn the terms of information literacy.

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A summary or brief description of the content of an article.

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An online database listing with descriptions of the books, journals, films, and other materials held by a library.

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A collection of information stored in an electronic format that can be searched by a computer.

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A publication, issued on a regular basis, which contains scholarly research published as articles, papers, research reports, or technical reports. Also known as a periodical.

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Peer Review

A process by which editors have experts in a field review books or articles submitted for publication by the experts' peers. Peer review helps to ensure the quality of an information source.

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Information created by scholars who are experts in their field. It involves formal study or research.

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Subject Heading

A word that describes the subject of an article or book, used in many computer databases.

Page last modified August 29, 2017