You will find a variety of materials to check out in the Curriculum Materials Library (CML) Collection, giving you a 'hands-on' approach to curriculum areas for K-12th grade. To see what is available, search in the Library's Online Catalog.

  • Some hints for searching: To find materials located only in the CML, do a search, then use the drop down menu option and choose Curriculum Materials Library as your LOCATION.
  • For information on loan periods or circulation, please see Library Loan Policies.

Textbooks and Resources


This part of the collection is primarily made up of K-12 textbooks and idea/activity books.  It is housed in two locations, the Curriculum Materials Library, downtown Pew Campus, and the 4th floor of the Mary I. Pew Library in Allendale.  When searching the library catalog for K-12 materials, select Curriculum Materials Library for the location.

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Need help finding quality online lesson planning sites?  Check out our lesson plan list, found on the research tab.

Big Books

Big Books

The Curriculum Materials Library has about 300 big books.  The topics include all subject areas.  The Juvenile / Young Adult Collection is housed at the Mary I. Pew Library.

Big books through the library catalog



The CML has almost 300 puppets. Many of them are from the award winning puppet company, Folkmanis.  To see a library catalog list of puppets and their images, please click the link below or view a document puppet list.

Puppets through the library catalog


Teaching Aids

Teaching aids

This collection contains a great variety of games, puzzles, manipulatives, kits, maps, primary documents, and much more.  You can see a sampling of our teaching aid collection by clicking the link below.

Teaching Aids through the library catalog

K-12 Magazines


The Curriculum Materials Library subscribes to many children's magazines:

Ask, Click, Cobblestone, Cricket, DynaMath, Faces, Kids Discover (1991-2014), Ladybug, Mailbox (Preschool, Kindergarten), Mailbox Bookbag (1999-2009), Michigan History for Kids (2001-2009 & 2015+), Mitten (Spr.01-Apr.05), Muse, Ranger Rick, Spider, Zootles and Zoobooks (2000-2010).

We have a subject guide index at the circulation desk to help you find articles and magazines to supplement your lesson plans!

Professional journals related to education are located at the Steelcase Library.



GVSU Libraries has a collection of DVD's and videos in a wide range of subject areas. Videos may be checked out for 14 days by GVSU students and faculty only.

Video recordings through the library catalog

Streaming Videos
University Libraries provides access to streaming videos that will interest all GVSU library patrons. To view the streaming videos databases, visit the video database site.

Annenberg Learner
Annenberg Learner videos are intended for teachers, but many are ideal for use in the classroom or for viewing at home. The GVSU online catalog provides a link to the videos, or go to the website to view a list of their educational videos.

PBS LearningMedia
PBS LearningMedia offers teachers more than 100,000 videos, images, interactives, lesson plans and articles drawn from critically acclaimed PBS programs.

Professional Education Tests

Prof. Tests

The Curriculum Materials Library has a collection of Professional Education Tests. These tests may be used by education professors for classroom presentations only. All other patrons must view the tests at the CML.

Professional Tests through the library catalog

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