Outstanding Thesis Award

Wendy J Wenner Liberal Studies Outstanding Thesis Award Recipients

WINTER 2018 Senior Thesis Award Winners

Lisa Castro ~ Is Architecture Compassion Made Visible? Exemplifying our Way of Building

Lisa Castro ~ Senior Thesis Title: Is Architecture Compassion Made Visible? Exemplifying our Way of Building

Waverly Sisson ~ Tritiya-Prakriti: Queering Religious Studies

Waverly Sisson Senior Thesis Title: Tritiya Prakrti: Queering Religious Studies

Fall 2017 - Timothy Novak

Timothy Novak

Thesis Title:
A New and Holier Love:
Intersectional Narratives in Postbellum Southern Commemoration

Area of Focus:
Politics of Memory

Winter 2017 - Christopher "Pez" Lopez

Pez Lopez

This research focused on understanding the various levels of social justice activism one could take part in as well as outlined an often unspoken of activist, the Influential Insider, and how they best can implement systemic change in a system. Various texts were analyzed and provided the base for the levels of activism and plan of action for the aforementioned Influential Insider. The research focuses on the idea that, to create true systemic and sustainable change in broken systems or institutions, there must be an Influential Insider to aid in the implementation of change. True systematic change only occurs when those seeking change understand the motives, intentions, culture, and people of an institution of system. 

Fall 2016 - Erin Donnelly & Marc Lehman

Erin Donnelly

Erin Donnelly

Thesis Title:
Outdoor, Experiential Education:
The Implementation of Lesson Plans in the Classroom

Area of Focus:
Environmental Action, Policy, and Communication

Marc Lehman

Marc Lehman

Thesis Title:
Questions on the relationship between narrative identity and hermeneutic design

Area of Focus:
Linguistics and Design Anthropology

Winter 2016 - Cody Gallagher

Cody Gallagher

Thesis Title
Not Milk: A Feasibility Study

Area of Focus:
Sustainable Food Systems and
Small Business Management

Fall 2015 - Marisol Menken


Thesis Title
Education and Racism

Area of Focus:
Equal Opportunities &
Social Advocacy

Winter 2015 - Leslie Boker

Boker W15 WJW

Thesis Title
Treatment of Trans Characters in
Japanese Sequential Art and Animation 

Area of Focus:
Japanese Language and Culture

Fall 2014 - Natalie DePyper


Thesis Title:
Talk Isn’t Cheap; It’s Powerful

Area of Focus:
Community Development and
Cultural Integration

Winter 2014 - Suzanna Katerberg


Thesis Title:
Extending Domestic Violence Advocacy for
Incarcerated Battered Women

Emphasis Area:
Leadership and Advocacy

Fall 2013 - Julie A. Kane

Julie Kane

Thesis Title:
An Integrative Approach to Discovering the Benefits of
Environmental Education and Nature Experiences

Emphasis Area:
Environmental Leadership

Winter 2013 - Annette M. Nelson

Annette Nelson

Thesis Title:
Biophilia: Examining Our Relationship with Nature
and its Influence on an Environmental Mindset

Emphasis Area:
Sociology, Psychology, and
the Environment

Fall 2012 - Kathryn Smidstra

Kathryn Smidstra

Thesis Title:
Commitment to Consciousness:
Cultivating the Capability of Mindfulness in Learning

Emphasis Area:
Education, Philosophy and
Religious Studies

Winter 2012 - Andrea Marz

Andrea Marz

Thesis Title:
Urban Food Deserts: An Interdisciplinary Analysis

Emphasis Area: 
Sustainability in Theory and Practice:
Environmental and Social Justice

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