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Each liberal studies major must create an individualized Study Plan. Click on the links below to access this form. This document is to help you organize your coursework. A copy of this form should be kept electronically by each student and in hard copy by the department. In the capstone course (LIB 495) you will write an integrative statement that will help you articulate your Area of Focus and why the courses you have chosen are relevant and connected.

If you are interested in learning more about a degree in liberal studies, please visit the Brooks College Office of Integrative Learning and Advising website or call (616) 331-8200 to schedule an appointment. 

Study Plan

The Study Plan Form requires the formulation of an Area of Focus, which can be comprised of courses from across the disciplines at the university. This component of the major allows each student to develop a major area of study based on a specific theme, issue, problem, or career interest and concentrate simultaneously on a general education and a particular academic discipline or career area.

After consulting a major advisor and completing this form, each student should submit a copy to the department and keep an electronic copy for their files to allow for easy editing in the future. 

Save a copy of your study plan!

Download and save the PDF or Word study plan before completing:

Study Plan Form (PDF - Fill & Save - Does not always work with Mac machines)
Study Plan Form  (Word - Fill & Save)

Please save a copy of your study plan for future reference and editing. The department also needs a copy of your plan (email to


Independent Study

At times, our majors may decide to specialize their studies with a faculty member in a particular area through an Independent Study course. These are individually designed and must have the approval of the department chair.

To begin the approval process, please review and complete the independent study form with the supervising faculty member and return the signed copy to the Liberal Studies Department in 324 Lake Ontario Hall. Once approved, a permit will be put in place enabling you to register for the course.


The Internship portion of the Liberal Studies major provides supervised work experience through which students can relate liberal studies principles, academic work, and practice. Student, faculty, and advisors agree on the scope of the study, its components, and methods of evaluation.

Main Campus (Allendale and Pew) Students:

Students must attend an Internship Workshop at least one semester prior to registering for Internship. Workshops will be announced via email. After attending the workshop and obtaining an internship, students will should electronically submit their internship agreement via the Internship Management Site. Consult the Internship Agreement Procedure for helpful information.

Please contact Dr. Melanie Shell-Weiss ( with questions regarding internship. 

Muskegon, Holland, and Traverse City, and Accelerated Adult Leadership Program Students:

Please contact the appropriate coordinator from the list below for more information. You will need to submit an internship agreement form. Consult the Internship Agreement Procedure for helpful information. When completing your internship agreement form, please be sure to choose the appropriate coordinator for your home campus from the Internship Coordinator drop-down menu. 

      Muskegon &Accelerated Leadership Cohort - Dr. Joel Wendland (

      Holland and Holland Accelerated Leadership Cohort - Dr. Shell-Weiss (

      Traverse City - Professor Joe Verschaeve (

Internship FAQ

Q: How many credits of internship must a Liberal Studies student complete to fulfill the major requirement?

     A: Liberal Studies majors are required to complete 2 credit hours of LIB 490 Internship, but may complete more if desired.

Q: How many credits of internship can be taken in one semester?

     A: Students can take no more than six credits of internship in any single semester.

Q: How many hours of work are required per credit hour of Internship?

     A: Each credit hour is equivalent to 50 hours of work at your internship site.

Q: If interning at two separate locations, must an internship agreement form be submitted for each site?

     A: Yes. Each internship agreement contains site specific information.

Q: Can students register for LIB 490 prior to submitting a learning agreement through the Internship Management System (IMS)?

     A: No, a site supervisor must approve the learning agreement and objectives through IMS before a permit can be issued.

Q: If an internship agreement has been approved, why is there a registration error in Banner when adding the course?

     A: Students may not register until a permit is put in place which occurs after an agreement is approved. Please wait for an email from the Liberal Studies Office with registration instructions.

Q: How is an internship placement approved?

     A: Students must submit a learning agreement through the Internship Management System, in which learning objectives and contact information for a site supervisor should be included. The site supervisor will receive an email requesting approval. Once approved by the site supervisor, the internship coordinator will approve the agreement and issue a registration permit.

Q: How do students log into the Internship Management System?

     A: Students should log in using their GVSU issued network username and password. This is the same information used to log onto campus computers.

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