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About the Program

The Liberal Studies Department at Grand Valley State University is home to four different academic programs: the Liberal Studies Major (B.A. and B.S.), the Religious Studies Major and Minor (B.A. and B.S.), the Intercultural Training Certificate, and a graduate program, the Professional Master of Arts in Social Innovation.

Liberal Studies students design study plans that suit their specific interests, talents, and career aspirations utilizing courses throughout the university. The program begins with a core of required courses. Then, with the help of a faculty advisor, students develop a major area of study based on a specific theme, issue, problem, or career interest.

Students interested in exploring the liberal studies option might begin by taking one of the core courses in conjunction with the Grand Valley State University general education requirement or one of the integrative or interdisciplinary electives. Students may also wish to make an advising appointment with any one of the faculty from the liberal studies department.


Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in perspective-taking
  • Integrate knowledge and modes of thinking drawn from two or more disciplines
  • Produce an interdisciplinary understanding of a complex problem or intellectual question
  • Demonstrate advanced critical thinking skills at levels required for effective performance in professional and other social or cultural contexts
  • Demonstrate the application of classroom knowledge to real-world problems, questions, and applications
  • Demonstrate social responsibility through campus and/or local civic engagement examining how local action connects to regional, national, and international conditions
  • Demonstrate intercultural understanding: identify, articulate, and apply intercultural competency in terms of multiple world views, experiences, and power structures

Quotes from Alumni:

My eyes were opened to a whole new way of learning

Liberal Studies provided me the freedom to pursue what I am passionate about,
to frame a course of study that encompassed what I looked to accomplish

My degree in LIB provided me an opportunity to develop my career skills and follow my passion.
    – EVA PEÑA

I learned about myself. I learned about the world. I learned how to interact with others and the world. 
I learned my strengths and weaknesses, and I learned to make decisions. I learned to think.
What else is there to an education?    

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