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Abhishek Ghosh

Abhishek Ghosh

Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and Liberal Studies

Phone: 616-331-3408
Office: LOH 234


REL 100: Religions of the World (Fall 2015)

Select Courses Taught Elsewhere:

Religion and the Meaning of Life
Hinduism 101: Cows, Caste, and the Kamasutra?
Black Tantra/White Tantra: Esoteric Traditions of India
Modern India: Cricket, Corruption, and Call Centers
Love in a Dead Language: Sanskrit Romances in Translation
Epics of Ancient India: Ramayana and Mahabharata
Introducing Meditation
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Research Interests: History of Religions, Indo-Western Cultural Encounters, South
Asian Religions, Post Colonial Theory, Religion and

Areas of Specialization: Hinduism, 19th Century Bengal, Bhakti Movements of India, Vaishnavism.  


Ph.D. South Asian Languages and Civilizations/Religious Studies, University of Chicago