Wear the Rainbow

Monday, November 7th - Loosemore Auditorium, DeVos Hall, Pew Campus

Join us for a free clothing swap and evening of workshops, including binding, packing, make-up, walking in heels, bowtie/ties

All sizes, shapes, styles and gender expressions welcome.

Everyone performs gender every day. This performance includes clothing, accessories and various kinds of body management and modification. Wear the Rainbow provides a space for the trans and queer community to have access to items and skills feel align with their authentic selves. A free clothing shop and workshop time creates access for trans and queer people who may not have the financial resources or who may not experience the physical and/or emotional safety to explore gender expressions across the spectrum.

The trans and queer community has a rich history of sharing skills and resources. This event is in the spirit of access, inclusion, and self-determination.

Page last modified September 2, 2016