Support Committee

Interested in joining the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center Support Committee? Complete the interest form today! Interest forms may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed annually. 

Purpose Statement: The Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center’s Support Committee exists primarily for the following purposes: 1) to enhance and enrich the Center’s connections to the community, 2) to identify and develop opportunities for raising funds to benefit the Center, and 3) to support the mission of the center through ongoing advocacy and solidarity.

Committee Composition: To ensure inclusiveness and a diversity of skills, resources, connections, and perspectives, the 12 members of the Support Committee should be composed of the following: 1 undergraduate student, 1 graduate student, 3 faculty members, 3 staff members, 1 alumnus, and 3 community members. 

Member Responsibilities: Committee Members should be prepared to do all of the following:

  • Attend three yearly meetings (held in Fall, Winter, and Summer) and represent a needed constituency.
  • Participate in yearly, individual goal-setting meetings with staff every April/May to co-create Committee priorities and assist with planning efforts.
  • Communicate regularly with Center staff to evaluate and adjust the communication and expectations as necessary to ensure a positive and productive relationship.
  • Assist in planning Committee fundraising opportunities and activities.
  • Support and advocate for the work of the Center in community organizations and businesses.

Page last modified December 19, 2017