Brokeback Mountain: A Fruity Film Feature

Brokeback Mountain: A Fruity Film Feature

Date and Time

Tuesday, July 23, 2024 2:00 PM


The Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center (1161 Kirkhof Center)


Join us for a screening of Brokeback Mountain! Per Google's synopsis: "In 1963, rodeo cowboy Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) and ranch hand Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) are hired by rancher Joe Aguirre (Randy Quaid) as sheep herders in Wyoming. One night on Brokeback Mountain, Jack makes a drunken pass at Ennis that is eventually reciprocated. Though Ennis marries his longtime sweetheart, Alma (Michelle Williams), and Jack marries a fellow rodeo rider (Anne Hathaway), the two men keep up their tortured and sporadic affair over the course of 20 years."

Popcorn and beverages will be available!

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[email protected] or 616-331-2530

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