Loud & Queer



The mission of Loud & Queer is to empower second year and beyond LGBT and allied students to lead authentic lives, to challenge systems of gender and sexuality, and to work for social justice by fostering a community of learning, celebration and solidarity.

L&Q is for LGBT and allied students who are interested in building community, connecting with the LGBT Resource Center and exploring how the systems of gender and sexuality impact their lived experiences.

Through participation in L&Q students will…

  • connect to the LGBT Resource Center 
  • build community with peer students
  • learn skills for self-care, healthy relationships, academic success and life after graduation
  • develop a greater understanding of the systems of gender and sexuality

Loud & Queer's 2013 Fall Semester Kick-off events: 

Wednesday, August 28 at 5pm 

Loud & Queer Picnic, meet at the LGBT Resource Center

Join us for a sack-lunch picnic to kick off the academic year and learn about L&Q. This meeting is open to all second year and beyond students interested in meeting new friends, talking about gender and sexuality and learning about Loud & Queer. We will meet in the LGBT Resource Center before heading out to the Arboretum to eat. Sandwiches, chips and soda provided.   

Friday, September 6 at 3:30pm

Loud & Queer Fieldtrip to Grand Rapids, meet at the LGBT Resource Center

Join Loud & Queer for a fieldtrip to downtown Grand Rapids. Meet at the LGBT Resource Center at 3:30 p.m. before getting on the 50 bus to travel to enjoy a delicious sweet treat! Dessert provided.


 L&Q meets every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. in the LGBT Resource Center.

SIGN-UP for Loud & Queer!

Stop by the LGBT Resource Center or email westem@gvsu.edu for more information. 

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