L&Q meets every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. in the LGBT Resource Center, 1161 Kirkhof Center.

Interested in L&Q? 

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If you have questions about L&Q, email Marla Wick at wickm@gvsu.edu or stop by the center.

Mission of Loud & Queer

Loud & Queer (L&Q) supports LGBTQIA+ and allied students in the first year and beyond to build a strong and supportive community; expand their knowledge of power, privilege, and oppression; and deepen their connections to the LGBT Resource Center and GVSU.  

L&Q Participants will…

  • Develop skills for academic success and personal growth
  • Build better interpersonal and communication skills
  • Be able to reflect on their own identities and how those identities shape their experiences
  • Develop a deeper knowledge of how to use an intersectional lens when analyzing topics related to power, privilege, and oppression
  • Develop a greater sense of belonging to the LGBT Resource Center and GVSU

Page last modified August 24, 2018