The Ambassador program seeks to build a connection with students who want to represent the LGBT Resource Center. This program provides students an opportunity to get more involved in center programming and to become better informed on LGBT topics and concerns.

We are looking for engaged, motivated students who are interested in equality and justice issues. Our Ambassadors represent and present on behalf of the center at informational fairs, programming events and in classroom settings. Student Ambassadors are expected to have a general knowledge of the LGBT Resource Center and our upcoming events and programs.

The following are a list of skills we look for in our Ambassadors as well as the areas in which ambassadors will be trained.

Basic Requirements

  • Knowledge of LGBT Resource Center programming and events in order to be the front line representative for the LGBT Resource Center at various on-campus events and in classroom settings
  • Skills to actively engage students, faculty and staff to share information at on-campus informational events
  • Ability to commit to four programs and/or classroom presentations per semester as well as participate in the planning and organization of programs and events of your choice
  • Ability to follow up with volunteer coordinator regarding program evaluations
  • Ability to attend a monthly Ambassador meeting

Education and Experience

This position requires a willingness to learn the skills necessary to do class presentations and engage students, faculty and staff in discussion on LGBT Resource Center programs and events as well as being able to volunteer when needed.

To apply complete an application. Applications will be accepted until Monday, September 15, 2014.