Fall Programs - September 11, 13, 18, 24, 27 & October 2

September 11  

Gleaves Whitney, Director of the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies - "The Early Conflicts in America, Part 1 Jefferson vs. Hamilton"

Wallace Ewing, Educator/Author - "Footprints" a book on Native Americas in West Michigan

September 13

Dr. Coeli Fitzpatrick, GVSU Honors College - "An Introduction to the Islam World"

Norman Christopher, Director of GVSU Office of Sustainability & Youssef Darwich, GVSU Farm Manager & Educator of Sustainable Agriculture Project - "Michigan Agriculture---Sustainable, Organic, Local and Much More!"

September 18

Caroline Cook, Tour Ambassador - "ArtPrize Afterglow"

Diane McElfish Helle, Musician with the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra & Bridget Sova,  Music Therapist - "Music Therapy for Health"

September 24

Scott Ferguson, V.P. of Sustainability at Rockford Construction - Energy Advancement and Improvement in Grand Rapids "Circuit West"

Senator Judy K. Emmons, 33rd Senate District - "A Conversation on Term Limits"

September 27

Thomas Haas, GVSU President and Chair of Governor's 21st Century Education Commission - "Launch Michigan"

Lisa Pagnucco, GVSU Associate Professor/Physician Assistant Studies - over-the-counter vitamins and supplements "Natural Does Not Always Mean SAFE"

October 2

Craig & Pamela Benjamin, GVSU Professor History & Artist - "Adventures in Europe" 

Jacquelyn K. Boyden, Constitutional Law - "The Rights of Free Speech"


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