Grand Forum Programs


February Grand Forum

February 4
Henry Matthews, Distinguished Associate of GVSU's Galleries and Collections - "Henry's Vision for the GVSU Art Collection"
Marcelo Lehninger and Mary Tuuk, Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra - "New Season at the GRSO"

February 6
David Stark, Coordinator of GVSU Latin American/Latino Studies - "What’s New in Cuba with President Miguel Díaz-Canel"
Katelyn Nettler of the Kent County Dept. of Public Works - "How to Watch Your Waste"

February 10
George Grant, Jr., Dean of GVSU College for Community and Public Service - "Hospitality Academy at Ottawa Hills High School" 
Dr. Kathy Steece-Collier of MSU College of Human Medicine - "Parkinson's Research"

February 12
Gleaves Whitney of the Hauenstein Center - "What Make a President Great?"
Dr. Kathleen Bailey, GVSU Professor of Criminal Justice - "Juvenile Justice Issues"

February 18
Dr. Judy Whipps, GVSU Professor of Integrated Studies - "Jane Addams and the Women's Peace Movement"
The Grand Rapids Community Media Center team - "Media Literacy in the Digital Age"

February 20
Dr. Coeli Fitzpatrick, GVSU Meijer Honors College Professor - "The Sunni/Shia Divide: Past and Present"
Pat Mullen, Mullen Coins Owner - "Coin Values: Just the Facts"

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