The Laker Leadership Programs are offered through the Office of Student Life at Grand Valley State University.

Our mission is to provide GVSU students with training, education, and experiences which encourage growth as life-long leaders of integrity and social change within their lives, professions, and communities.

What we consider effective leadership has changed dramatically and continues to change; LLP provide students the opportunity to learn and apply new leadership techniques in a social and engaging environment.

Our philosophy of leadership is based on the idea that leadership can be learned and that even experienced leaders can continue to learn new concepts. We also support the notion that leadership is a collaborative group process that is inclusive of all participants and therefore not focused on an individual but instead on the relationship between group members. Our belief is that the outcome of the leadership process is oriented toward positive change, whether within the group or the greater community.

Social Change Model of Leadership Development
Our philosophy of leadership development is rooted strongly in the social change model of leadership development and the "core" programs are focus on elements based on the model. Social change refers to creating positive change within the community that in some way benefits the community. Social change leaders are those who work collaboratively to ensure that change occurs. Some have described social change leaders as being focused on collective action, shared power, and having a passionate commitment to social justice and civic engagement. The social change model is based on seven core values that should be practiced by social change leaders. They are referred to as the seven c's of Social Change and include consciousness of self, congruence, commitment, collaboration, common purpose, controversy with civility, and citizenship. We highly encourage students to participate in these programs

"Many people view college as a stepping-stone to careers in which they will be leaders. This leadership may be in a classroom, courtroom, corporation, hospital, community agency, ministry, service organization, or in their own business. This reality, plus the fact that virtually every college graduate will be supervising someone, points to the importance of learning how to be an effective leader." -Developing Leadership Strengths in College, Donald O. Clifton and Edward "Chip" Anderson 2004

Diversity statement: We believe that every aspect of University life, including the Laker Leadership Programs, should be free from discrimination because of age, color, disability, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight. All students are welcome to participate in the Laker Leadership Programs.

Please contact our staff if you need accommodations for any of our programs.

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