Beyond Diversity and Inclusion: Decolonizing your Mind

Beyond Diversity and Inclusion: Decolonizing your Mind

Saturday, April 2, 2016 

Please join the Office of Student Life and GVSU's Intersection Ambassadors, representing the Multicultural Office, Women Center, and Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center, for this all-day interactive leadership retreat designed to empower and educate campus leaders around issues of race, gender, ability, sexuality, spirituality, class and immigration status through an intersectional lens. Throughout the day, we will deconstruct notions of language, systems of power and privilege, revisionist history, spiritual violence and allyship. This seminar will challenge your perception and introduce you to many new concepts and ideas.

Through attending this experience, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and challenge systems of oppression through an historical and intersectional lens
  • Understand the context of spiritual violence: What is positive and empowering for some may be harmful for others
  • Understand the role of educational institutions in normalizing the stratification of difference
  • Conceptualize allyship as a process rather than an identity: A is NOT for ally
  • Understand that direct action and education are essential parts of creating systemic change
  • Understand how the Social Change Model reflects diversity and ethical leadership

You will challenge your knowledge on topics such as:

  • Inclusive Communication: Learn about the role "power dynamics" play in everyday conversations, the importance of appropriate pronouns, commonly coded language, and person-first language in this invigorating talk on communication.
  • Educational Injustice: Recognize the historical background of higher education institutions, where underfunding took place, and how higher education institutions were closely related to prison systems.
  • Disabilities in College: Understand how higher education was originally built for to understand how other groups were and are still neglected in educational and architectural representations.
  • Missing Histories Part I & II: Many factual and dismal occurrences in America's history have been touched on very little or not at all in curricula designs. Survey significant events in America's history that still have dire repercussions in today's society.
  • Spiritual Violence: Understand how religion was used in different ways to support specific groups and marginalize others via scripture interpretation by those in power.
  • How to be an Effective Ally: Learn skills, strategies and the full framework of what constitutes as an effective ally to underrepresented and marginalized groups.

GVSU's Intersectional Ambassadors represent the Multicultural Office, Women Center, and Milton E. Ford LGBT Center - Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center


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