Designed for Adult Students

The 19 Month Leadership Cohort is designed to meet the needs of busy adult students. Leadership Cohort Students are typically:

  • 24+ years of age
  • Have 2+ years work experience
  • Have earned a minimum of 55 credits
  • Are prepared for hybrid/partially online learning 
  • Possess a high level of motivation 

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Student Kris Bull

Kristopher Bull

Major: Liberal Studies
Class Year: 2011
Hometown: Holland, Michigan, United States

"I would recommend it [Liberal Studies, Leadership] to anybody who wants to have more of an input in their education, anybody who really wants to refine their skills. This program helps you develop the skills that you already possess. The faculty members in this program are really great at bringing it out of you. They helped me realize skills I already had, but didn't necessarily recognize."

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