Study Abroad Opportunities

GVSU Faculty Led Programs are 2-8 week programs that typically run during the spring/summer.  They are groups of at least 12 students and a GVSU professor (director) who leads and most often teaches the GVSU course(s).

This program is designed to give graduate students in the College of Education (COE) an opportunity to learn about structural inequities in the world and apply their learning to systems of education in the US while visiting a different country.

The goal of the program is to increase one's awareness of issues of social justice, peace, and human rights as they relate to social work in a two-thirds world country.

GVSU Partnerships are semester/ year long programs during the fall, winter or summer semesters.  Students go to a university that GVSU has a partnership with as an international student, studying with local students and other internationals from around the world.  This option allows for flexible course options and student lifestyle while offering significant opportunities for scholarships and grants.

It's hard to imagine a more warm and welcoming place than Universidad del Bio Bio (UBB). UBB is GVSU?s first partner in South America and is located in Concepcion and Chillan, Chile.

The Universidad de las Americas (UDLA) in Puebla with more than 65 years of tradition, offers academic programs that answer the present and future needs of today?s world. The University has excellent library facilities and the latest technology in order to enhance teaching and research.

Visit LAS Study Abroad ADVISING PAGE here.

For more information contact the LAS Program Coordinator, Professor David Stark @ or 616-331-3174.


Page last modified April 28, 2017