My Laker Pledge

Grand Valley is committed to providing an engaging campus experience with some face-to-face learning and campus living. Our top priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our Laker community. Guided by the mission to provide a high-impact learning environment, the university is working to ensure the safest experience possible while considering guidance from the CDC and state and public health officials. Taking steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 at Grand Valley is a shared responsibility. Whether my classes are in-person, hybrid or remote, my continued enrollment at Grand Valley is conditioned upon my commitment to The Laker Pledge.

A face covering hangs from the rear view mirror of a car.

I Pledge to Protect Myself

In order to reduce my risk, I agree to be an active participant in maintaining my own health, well-being and safety, monitoring my health for symptoms of COVID-19, and completing the COVID-19 Self-Assessment each day I will be on-campus.

I Pledge to Protect Others

I will maintain appropriate social distancing, especially in classroom settings or in the presence of members of our Laker community.

I will wear an appropriate face covering and other protective gear as directed by the university.

I will stay home if I feel ill or after exposure to someone who is ill or has tested positive for COVID-19.

I will follow all of the additional health and safety requirements of the university. This may include participating in testing, self-quarantining, and contact tracing.

I Pledge to Protect our Laker Community

I will look out for my fellow Lakers to help keep them healthy and safe and encourage their dedicated commitment to The Laker Pledge.

I Pledge to be Accountable

I understand I am making a personal commitment to our Laker community and my university.

I understand and acknowledge that this pledge is a condition of being on any of the Grand Valley State University campuses. I understand that if I do not honor my pledge, I would be failing to comply with a legitimate university directive and pursuant to University policies will be subject to the appropriate accountability measures and disciplinary actions.