Cleaning and Sanitation

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures on GVSU Campuses

Updated August 4, 2021

GVSU Facilities Services has implemented a number of health and safety protocols across campus to fit the needs and requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic and are committed to continuing these practices as we move forward. They are subject to change based on CDC and other public health guidance, and state and federal requirements.

The university has also implemented and will continue enhanced air handling and water testing procedures, increase ventilation, outside air intake, inspection, maintenance and cleaning of systems, and increased replacement of air filters.

For more information on enhanced cleaning and sanitation plans, including HVAC protocol, visit Facilities Services.

A facilities services worker cleans in a building.

A facilities services employee cleans in a building.

Facilities Services – Custodial Operations

Custodial operations will continue to monitor and attend to areas throughout campus during daytime hours focusing on frequent cleaning of touch points throughout the day. Evening operations will also resume where more thorough deep cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of appropriate areas will occur as outlined by the CDC guidance

Personal Spaces (offices, dorms, suites, etc.)

Cleaning and sanitizing of personal spaces will be the responsibility of all faculty, staff and students. Facilities Services remains ready to assist as needed and in special circumstances. Please contact Customer Service (616) 331-3000 for these requests. 

Sanitizing and disinfecting cleaning products will be provided and available to use as needed.


Residents have the responsibility for keeping shared spaces in housing areas clean and should sanitize areas before and after use. Cleaning products for these shared spaces will be provided by facilities services.

Campus Dining

Dining Services will continue to clean and sanitize dining areas at night, food preparation areas, equipment, and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized by staff using food-safe sanitizer prior to opening in the mornings.

Additional staffing will maintain the cleaning and sanitation of surfaces throughout the hours of operation. This will include seating areas, touch points, counters, equipment, etc.

A facilities employee cleans in an elevator.

Special Cleaning Requests

Requests can be made by contacting Facilities Customer Service in Allendale at (616) 331-3000, Pew Campus at (616) 331-6700.

Facilities Services - Maintenance Operations

Water Quality*

Maintenance Operations is flushing and testing all water mains on campus. Facilities Services will also flush water mains at each building and test water at individual fixtures with buildings to ensure water systems are safe.

Air Quality

Facilities Services is continuing to follow OSHA guidelines and apply best practices from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers for its position on operating buildings to mitigate COVID-19. This includes increased ventilation, outside air intake, inspection, replacement of air filters, maintenance and cleaning of the system.

Facilities Customer Service

For any other facilities related questions, requests or concerns please contact Facilities Customer Service in Allendale at (616) 331-3000, or on Pew Campus at (616) 331-6700