Bus Service

Updated April 22, 2021

Bus service is a critical transportation service for students, faculty and staff at Grand Valley. The Laker Line, which connects Grand Valley's Allendale, Pew Grand Rapids and Health campuses, is currently operational.

Students must carry their student ID when riding the Rapid. Rapid employees may ask a student to verify student status to ride.

The Laker Line will accommodate 40 percent more passengers than the current Campus Connector.

The Rapid has daily cleaning protocols in place. Buses are cleaned and disinfected each night with antiseptic, UVC light, electrostatic spray, and high-temp steam cleaning. They have also been treated with an anti-microbial solution. During the day, high-touch areas are spot cleaned at the Kirkhof Center Station (Allendale Campus). 

Daily screening (temperature, symptoms, and exposure check) are required for The Rapid drivers and all GVSU community - including students, faculty/staff and contractors.

Masks are required to ride any of The Rapid’s routes. Regular hand-sanitization and social distancing is highly encouraged via multiple messaging opportunities around campus, including on buses and at the bus stations.

GVSU and The Rapid are continually monitoring ridership for any crowding issues on the GVSU routes (LL, 37, 48 and 85). To increase capacity on our off-campus routes, we have added buses to allow for better social distancing and increased frequency. Our newest route, The Laker Line (replaces Rt 50 from Allendale Campus to Grand Rapids campuses), has articulated buses with almost double the capacity of the standard buses and will also help in allowing distancing and a faster commute.

A bus stops at a Rapid station on campus.