This information is for any registered student organization or club sport at GVSU who wishes to fundraise for their group or for a Grand Valley fund, including outreach to companies for sponsorships. This form does not apply for any fundraising done for an external organization (e.g. hosting a 5K for a local nonprofit, raising money for March of Dimes, etc.)

Any external fundraising platform, including GoFundMe, Facebook, Kickstarter, CrowdRise, etc. are not allowed for university-related fundraising, including Club Sports and RSOs.

Already completed a fundraiser?

Let us know how it went! Send an update with how much you raised, who sponsored you, things that worked/didn't work, and any other info to [email protected]

Consider what type of fundraising you'd like to do


Raising money for a cause through monetary donations at an event or through a program.
(i.e. bake sales, change wars, asking for donations for a walk, bike ride, or dance marathon, etc.)

Gift in Kind

Receiving specific item(s) to be used for an event or your organization's purposes.
(i.e. water for an event, gift basket for a raffle, etc.)


Donations allocated to specific costs associated with your program, organization, or event. 
(i.e. cost of t-shirts for a 5k, covering food for an event, etc.) 

Do you know your FOAP?

If you're unsure, contact the Office of Student Life at [email protected] or (616) 331-2345.

RSOs looking to do any fundraising must email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your fundraising goal (amount and what you are raising for)
  • A timeline for the fundraising (when you need the funding by, schedule of activities, etc.)
  • Any companies you plan to ask for sponsorships and if you have a relationship with that company (i.e. your parent works there, you're an intern, etc.)
  • Any additional details you have


We are no longer using the fundraising form.

Page last modified July 16, 2021