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Life Skills Presentation Series

Every semester, the LAKER Academic Center offers Life Skills presentations, with the goal of helping student-athletes "succeed academically by providing them with the necessary tools, and exposing them to knowledge that will help them adjust to life after college."
Each session will address a topic designed to help students be successful and address issues that they may encounter. Below are a few descriptions of Life Skills presentations.

All seminars will be conducted in conjunction with the University Counseling Center. If you have any inquiries about availability for a specific time or program request, email Justice Jacobs at

Examples of Past Presentation Topics:

Time Management
Between classes, practice, and any type of social life, do you ever wonder what happens to all of your time?  This workshop will help student-athletes track how they are actually spending their time.  They will evaluate their actual and ideal schedules and find ways to plan time to accomplish their goals, assess priorities and self evaluate commitments, and identify the relationship between effective time management and positive stress management.

How to Talk So Your Professor Will Listen
Temporal demands placed on student-athletes in terms of practice, games, and travel require that university faculty and staff be cognizant of the scheduling constraints facing these students.  Student-athletes need to self-advocate in many instances.  This seminar addresses tips and techniques for approaching professors with questions and concerns, assistance in preparing for the semester, and seeking feedback to improve one's academic work.

Study Smarter, Not Harder
Efficiency is an essential component of athletic practice in preparing for a game, so too should efficiency be a necessary approach to academic work.  Do you ever feel like you are spending a lot of time studying, but not really getting a lot done?  This presentation will provide an array of helpful studying tactics to shorten studying time, while increasing the amount of information learned by enhancing pre-existing effectiveness and motivation.

Mastering Your Memory
This workshop gives student-athletes a multitude of tactics to help remember information and techniques and strategies to enhance memory.  Student-athletes discuss mnemonics, acronyms, rhythms, and many other techniques that help when memorizing information.  Helpful handouts are also given so that students may practice these techniques on their own so as to expand their cognitive skills.

Sex in a Fishbowl
This highly interactive program allows student-athletes to discuss issues and their experiences of relationships, dating, love, and sex. From these issues and discussion the facilitators help student-athletes examine issues of healthy relationships, communication and safe sexual practices, as well as develop and increased awareness on issues of HIV and STDs.