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Letter to Tutors

Dear Tutors:

Thank you for signing up to tutor our student-athletes. In many cases, you will be one of the reasons that a student-athlete has outstanding success in the classroom. It is imperative that, as a tutor, you clearly understand and commit to your role. Our tutors must be extremely responsible and honest. Below are a few important points that will be reiterated in the Tutor Handbook, which I feel are important enough to stress immediately.

  • Guide the student. Never do the student's work.
  • Be on time.
  • Be prepared for each session.
  • Complete a "Tutor Session Report" after each session. Fill them out completely; these reports are very beneficial to the L.A.K.E.R Academic Success Center's (LASC) Staff.
  • If you have a student who is struggling or not putting forth a good effort, talk to LASC's Staff for help.
  • Get to know the Tutoring Coordinator, Mallory Miller. Keep him updated on any student who may not be regularly attending tutoring sessions or who is struggling with the material.

We are all part of a very important team in the student-athlete's life and as such, must work together. As a tutor, your adherence to the rules and regulations and maintaining communication with LASC's Staff is imperative in providing a positive educational environment. Together we can help our students succeed.

Again, thank you and feel free to visit with me anytime.



Damon Arnold

Dr. D.F. Arnold

Director, L.A.K.E.R. Academic Success Center