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Assumptions and Outcomes of the Program


  • Leadership abilities can be consciously developed.
  • Anyone, regardless of formal position, can be a leader.
  • Leadership is a process that often takes place in a very competitive environment.
  • Leadership involves doing a lot of little things well, which can lead to big things!
  • Leadership involves serving others and often giving oneself up for the greater group.  Unselfishness is a characteristic of a good leader.
  • An effective leadership development program must be offered in an environment that encourages and supports diversity.
  • The most effective leadership development programs are hands-on and interactive.
  • This leadership development program has the intention to produce better leaders for GVSU Intercollegiate Athletics teams and student organizations, and ultimately, their professions and societies.





As a result of the program, participants will enhance their...


  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Collaborative skills
  • Listening skills
  • Understanding and appreciation for diversity
  • Ability to think
  • Planning and priority setting skills
  • Understanding of and appreciation for the value of working with a group
  • Courage in their willingness to be a leader






As a result of this program, participants will...


  • Build a long lasting network of future leaders.
  • Be confident in their ability to lead.
  • Be willing to be leaders the rest of their lives.



Through this program, participants will become more effective leaders by...


  • Becoming more self-aware and building on their talents.
  • Exploring and practicing good leadership habits.
  • Building a network with other leaders.
  • Developing action plans to be better leaders on their teams and within their organizations.
  • Committing to sharing experiences with others.