2017 Laker Familia Orientation

2017 Laker Familia Orientation

Welcome to Grand Valley State University and to the Laker Familia!  Laker Familia is an orientation program specifically designed to introduce new Latino students to GVSU's faculty, staff, and connect you to resources and services that will support your academic, cultural, and emotional well-being.  Laker Familia promotes and facilitates meaningful interactions between Latino/a students and mentors with the goal of improving academic success, retention, and graduation. 

As a Laker Familia participant, you will have an opportunity to become involved with the GVSU Latino/a community while strengthening the Latino presence on campus.  The three-day orientation program will offer various workshops for students to learn about developing good study habits, professor expectations, as well as culturally-focused topics. You will also have opportunities to participate in year-round programming through various educational and professional development events and outings in both the fall and winter semesters. 

2017 Registration

The 2017 Laker Familia Orientation registration is now open. Please see the adjacent links to register for this year's orientation.

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