5th Annual Gordon Olson Award

Do you know someone who has made outstanding contributions to local history? Someone who has used history to give voice to diverse communities? Please consider nominating them for the Kutsche Office of Local History’s 2018 Gordon Olson Award. (Nominations will be accepted through February 16, 2018.)

Established in 2014, the Gordon Olson Award will be given to one individual each year. Named in honor of Gordon Olson, former Grand Rapids City Historian, whose books, leadership, programming, mentorship, and advocacy have inspired generations of West Michigan residents, the award is intended to recognize individuals whose work embodies the Kutsche Office’s mission, “Using history to give voice to diverse communities.” The award is announced at the Annual Local History Roundtable. This year’s Roundtable will take place March 29, 2018 on GVSU’s Allendale Campus. Recipients are given a commemorative plaque and are recognized through Kutsche Office publicity and local news media.

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Nomination: 5th Annual Gordon Olson Award