FAQs for Volunteers

Hours of Operation

For the month of May, K-12 Connect will be changing its hours to Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. and Saturday 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.  


There are three things a tutor can do to cancel their appointment:  

  • Step 1: Email the family and let them know that you need to cancel.  
  • Step 2: Before canceling, see if you can reassign your student to another day with you or with another tutor. 
  • Step 3: Cancel and Block. On Achieve’s website, click your name and and check the appointment you wish to cancel, and then click Block Appointment.

Check in with the Zoom host before you leave and let them know your student did not show up.  The Zoom host will send a no-show email to the student.

As a tutor, you must provide availability of at least 2 hours per week.

Email k12connect@gvsu.edu to explain the changes you would like made. A K-12 Connect Specialist will make any desired changes to your profile.

Email k12connect@gvsu.edu to describe what subjects you wish to add or drop. A K-12 Connect Specialist will update your account.

Please be patient, everyone will eventually be let in. During high volume times there will be longer waits with the check-in process. You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to be let into your breakout rooms.

Our Resources and Tutorials page gives access to tutorials and other helpful resources regarding account creation, scheduling, and managing appointments. To access this page, click the button below and log in with your Outlook/Achieve account information. If you are already a faculty/staff member at GVSU, simply use your GVSU account login information.

Resources and Tutorials



This is the process to reschedule an appointment:  

  • Step 1: Open Achieve. 
  • Step 2: Under Advisor, hit Reassign.
  • Step 3: Click your name, followed by the date of the appointment.
  • Step 4: Click the appointment row, which will open the option to reassign your appointment to a different time or the student to a new advisor.

For more details on reassigning and other session processes, visit the Resources and Tutorials page to view tutorials and written instructions. Log in with your Outlook account information to access.

Firstly, you need to set up your account through Outlook and Achieve.  To do so:

Step 1: Personal/GVSU Email

  1. Open up the email you provided and look for the email from GVSU K-12 Connect titled “Your Account.” It will provide you with important information on how to set up your account.  
  2. Click the link in first step of the email titled “Set Up Your GVSU Outlook Account.”

Step 2: Outlook

  1. Copy and paste the login information provided in your personal/GVSU email. It will prompt you to create a new password that must meet minimum requirements. Note: You will always need to login under the GVSU faculty staff outlook login, not the outlook 360 login.  
  2. Select Eastern Standard Time.

Step 3: Achieve Activation and Codes

  1. An email titled “Achieve Account Activation” will be in your Outlook account with the link to the Achieve appointment manager system. Once you click the link, enter your Outlook login information once again to activate Achieve.  
  2. The second email titled “GVSU Achieve Account Confirmation…” contains the link to the front page of Achieve. Make sure to bookmark this link as it will be of great use to you. 
  3. The third email titled “Advisor Outlook Options” contains the codes for the subjects and grade levels you have been assigned as a tutor/mentor based on your application form answers. Only look at the codes that start with K-12 Connect to see the codes assigned to you. Your code that you will input when you set up your availability is all of these codes put together (no spaces, start and end with a hashtag and two hashtags between each subject). We suggest you save it somewhere to easily copy and paste. 
  4. Going back to the original email sent to you titled “Your Account” that was sent to the email you provided, you will have now completed the first two action items of “Set Up Your Outlook Account” and “Activate Your Achieve Account.”

To Set Up an Initial Single Session:

  1. Step 1: Outlook:
    1. To move back and forth in Outlook from your calendar to your email inbox, go to the top left corner with the white boxes. For purposes of setting up a session, you will need to be in the calendar.
    2. You are going to want to make sure you are setting up your availability in advance of at least two days, as families are not able to sign up after 24 hours before the scheduled session.  
    3. Double click the day you want to set up an appointment for.  In the details page that pops up:
      1. Paste your code into the top line.
      2. Put all of your initial sessions at one hour long. Try not to start your session on the hour or half hour, as there are usually many appointments at these times. You can click the closest time you want, then double click the time and change it to be at a :15 mark or whenever you choose.
      3. Click save. You have successfully set up an available session for a student to book.  
      4. If you are setting up another session available for the same day, double click the box (not the other session in the box) to create another appointment. Note: If the time is greyed out in the details section, uncheck the “All Day” box that might be checked to input the time of the appointment.
      5. You need to wait a few minutes for the appointment to sync on Achieve.  
  2. Step 2: Booked Appointment
    1. When someone has signed up for an appointment from the availability you set up above, you will get an email that you are blind copied on in your Outlook email containing the confirmation email to the student/family. This provides the Zoom login information and a cancellation link.
    2. You can then go into your Outlook calendar and double click on the booked session to see the student information, including their name, email provided, and at the bottom you can scroll down to see their specific needs if they’ve listed any. 
    3. Make sure to email the student before the session introducing yourself, asking about resources prior to appointment, etc.

To Schedule a Recurring Session:

During your first session with a student, ask if they just needed this one time help or if they want to set up recurring sessions moving forward. If they want to set up recurring sessions, obtain the following information (best day, time, length, and duration) and then YOU will set up the appointment AND register them.

See below for more information, or visit the Resources and Tutorials page for tutorials and instructions on additional account and session processes.

To Schedule a Recurring Session:

During your first session with a student, ask if they just needed this one time help or if they want to set up recurring sessions moving forward. If they want to set up recurring sessions, obtain the following information (best day, time, length, and duration) and then YOU will set up the appointment AND register them. Here is how to do that. 

PART 1: Create Staff Time Blocks

  1. Log in to Achieve using your Outlook email information.
  2. Under the Staff tab, go to Create Staff Time Blocks.
  3. Click "Add" and change the department to K-12 Connect.
  4. Under "Program," click the subject you are looking to tutor in or click College Prep Mentor if you are a mentor.
  5. For "Staff" choose your name.
  6. Under Appointment Creation Mode, make sure "recurring" is checked.
  7. For "Subject," say either Tutor or Mentor depending on the type of recurring session.  The location should be Virtual Zoom Appointment.
  8. Input the start and end time of the recurring sessions you are planning on having.  To change to a more specific time, click on the time blocks to manually change (i.e. 1:15 PM instead of 1:00 PM, etc.).
  9. Input the start and end dates of your recurring sessions (i.e. 1/13/2021 - 4/30/2021).
  10. Make sure "Single Appointment Blocks" is checked, as well as "One-On-One." 
  11. Check the day(s) in which your recurring session is to happen.  If tutoring in multiple subjects in your recurring session, make sure to include that in the section on additional programs in the same time block
  12. Click "Save." 

PART 2: Reserve Staff Appointments

  1. Once saved, go to the Reserve Staff Appointments tab.
  2. Make sure you are on the correct month that your first recurring session occurs in.  Ensure the program matches up to the program you set your session up for.  
  3. Find your name and the date of the appointment. 
    1. There should be a number in the box under that day. 
  4. Click on the number there. This should bring up the appointment. 
  5. Select “Reserve” on the left hand side of the screen of the first session. 
  6. Under “Already Registered” type in the email address of your student to pull up the student's account.
  7. Select your student and select “Populate info."
  8. Fill in numbers 1-7 at the bottom with your student’s information.  This information can be gathered through (1) asking them at your first appointment with them, (2) going into the Staff Portal to Staff Appointments and finding their answers listed from their first session with you, or by (3) going into your Outlook on the date that your first session was with the student and clicking on this date to access their answers at the bottom.  
  9. In number 8 simply put "recurring."
  10. Click on the “Appointment Sequence Available for Booking” dropdown box and select all dates that will be included in this recurring appointment.  It should be noted that mentors will select every other week for their recurring sessions (mentors have bi-monthly sessions) while tutors can select every week to meet with their students.
  11. Select “reserve” at the very bottom of the page.  If there is more than one day you are reserving sessions for, click on the first appointment of the next day and follow the same instructions to reserve your student for this day as well.

Communicating with Students/Families:

  1. The student/family will only get one confirmation email for the first recurring session, so make sure to email the student/family to let them know you signed them up for the additional recurring sessions.  This email should include the start and end times, dates, and subject(s).  

“It is very fun to take on the teacher role and try to find strategies to help the students understand the content a little better.”

-Abby Graham, junior


If you have any questions or concerns, contact k12connect@gvsu.edu.

You are welcome to speak with a K-12 Connect Specialist by connecting to the K-12 Connect Zoom site and asking to join the support room. A support person is available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

To connect to Zoom, click the button below and refer to the login information:

Connect to Zoom

Zoom Meeting ID: 616 331 5000

Password: gvsugo